Monday, January 15, 2007


In the past on the boolog I've talked about companies that have poor customer service or terrible marketing plans. Today, I am witnessing a blunder of epidemic proportions.
World Warcraft, the huge online role-playing game, is about to release its first expansion since the game launched two years ago. The expansion will be available for purchase tonight at midnight. It's the biggest event to hit the World of Warcraft since the original launch date. There are 8 million players waiting to load up their expansion and play the game starting tonight at midnight.

Late last night, Blizzard, the company that makes World of Warcraft released the final patch into the system in preparation for the launch of the add-on. What that means is that when you try to log into the game you automatically download a small program which fixes some problems in the game.

Here's the crazy part....

There are always some problems whenever a patch is released. It seems that the latest patch is causing more problems than usual. So the message boards are full of players who are screaming because they can no longer access the game and we are now less than 12 hours away from the launch of the expansion. But even that's not what's crazy. What's crazy, is that today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day and so the tech support department at Blizzard has the day off!
So, hundreds of players are now locked out of the game unable to get in and unable to contact customer support right for the expansion they've been waiting for for over a year.

Good job.


Sagnuts said...

You are The King of Geeks. Sweet Jesus, get on with your life.
Spend your time on more valuable pursuits. Like "Where can I get a Wii...RIGHT NOW?!!!"

10:12 PM  

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