Thursday, January 18, 2007

Soon she'll be able to say, "Go F yourself!"

Mac is getting so close to walking it's starting to drive us a little crazy. Bobbi will be out of town this weekend (she's going down to see her sister who is having a baby shower) and she's taking Sam with her. So naturally, we expect that McKenzie will start walking this weekend while Bobbi is gone. Today, we had her taking about three or four steps in between the two of us as we sat on the floor. Sam sat on my lap cheering her sister on all the way. It really is something to see how excited Sam gets whenever Mac takes a few steps. She really seems to understand the importance of the baby walking.

Sam is learning new things too. Her language skills improve every day and it's funny how she picks up things that I say and applies them to her own speech. For example, she's started to ask, "That's a deal?" When she's trying to negotiate something with me. Tonight, when Bobbi was telling her she had to pick out pajamas to wear to bed she finally opened the drawer, grabbed her pajamas, and threw them at her mother in a fit of frustration asking, "There! Are you happy now?!"

I have no idea where she got that.


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