Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Is it premarital sex if you're alone?

There was a story on the news last night about a problem down in Texas. It seems the governor has done an end-around the legislation and has prescribed that all girls must get the new HPV vaccine. I wrote about the HPV vaccine in a previous blog post when it was suspected that conservatives would balk at the idea of giving their daughters a vaccine that prevents them from getting a sexually transmitted disease. HPV often leads to cervical cancer and so, basically, it's a cancer vaccine. Preventing HPV just happens to be the best way to prevent the cancer.

Anyway, it struck me as odd that the governor of Texas of all places would be the one mandating that girls take this vaccine. This is the same state that tried to legislate cheerleader uniforms a couple of years ago. Then I discovered that the governor has had big contributions from Murck, the company that makes the vaccine and it all started to fall into place.

Still, the question remains, should the government be able to mandate that you vaccinate your children with this vaccine? While it's true that we vaccinate our children at a very early age, I really don't think it's mandatory. I could be wrong. Anyway, there are some parents in Texas who don't like being forced to vaccinate their children against a sexually transmitted disease. They think it will lead to more promiscuity. You're allowed to make this argument if you yourself were a virgin when you got married, otherwise, shut the hell up. I had sex before marriage, my wife had sex before marriage, every person I know had sex before marriage, and for you to think that your children won't do the same is the height of idiocy. So, good luck with that. Seriously, are you so afraid of your children having sex that you're willing to hold the threat of death over their head as a motivation to get them to do what you say? Really?


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