Sunday, February 04, 2007

Random stuff

Enough fooling around, let's get right down to the random goodness:

I'm about to buy a new car, which to me is like saying, "I'm about to poke myself in the eye with a sharp stick." I finally made my decision but I will withhold that information for the time being because after weeks of deliberation it's very possible that I will change my mind in the next 10 minutes. Don't worry, when I finally pulled the trigger I will post pictures of the new hotness.

Here are a few things I have learned while shopping for a new car:

If you spend 10 minutes reading about the car on the company website you will probably know more about it than the person who is attempting to sell it to you at the dealership.

It's possible to design a $60,000 car and still put the cup holders in a position where your Big Gulp will block the radio controls. Try not to brag about the cup holders.

Burn this into your brain people: the controls on your steering wheel that operate the radio should be on the left side.

There's no such thing as a midsize SUV with a functional third row seat, unless you're a leprechaun or Prince.

Which brings up another point: Who was the genius at CBS who decided to let Prince do the halftime show at the Super Bowl a mere two years after being fined millions of dollars for the Janet Jackson costume malfunction? When you're watching the game with your kids, there is nothing more entertaining than watching Prince make a 50 foot shadow puppet of himself jacking off. Family entertainment at its finest.

And while we're on the subject of the Super Bowl, please, for the love of God, all you people sitting in the stands and firing off your flash cameras from 300 feet away during the halftime show need to stop. There are professional photographers on the field and they are using cameras with foot long lenses. You are not going to get a usable picture with your $200 Canon Sure Shot and built-in-flash.

I'm thinking of buying a PlayStation 2 just so I can play Guitar Hero.


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