Thursday, February 22, 2007

With friends like these....

Having spent most of my life in radio and clubs, I have worked with a lot of unique people. You tend to get a different sort of friend in the entertainment business than you do, say, in the Title Insurance business. Case in point, this excerpt from an email I received yesterday:

That dude called last night after nearly a year of phone tag. Mostly on his part. He and his wife had dinner at Roy’s. I told him that Julie and I had dinner there with the Perry’s a few years ago and that we had a blast.

Of course, I had a couple of Barbancourt’s before dinner so I was feeling a bit ornery. He told me that he saw your sister at the Sarasota Faire a while back. I asked if she had mentioned all of your children. Jef asked “all”? I said yeah, they have the two little girls and the new boy. Then I mentioned that the little boy was VERY dark, not quite black but definitely south of the border. He was buying the whole thing. He asked how that could have happened and I explained that it more than likely had something to do with one of Bobbi’s trips to the islands.

So just in case you ever talk to him, you can be prepared to describe the child with the name of your choice.


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