Monday, March 26, 2007

Funny with a capitol "F"

Well I managed to track down an old girlfriend today and for a change this one was actually happy to hear from me.

I'll save the saga of Carol and Tommy for another post as it is too long to recount here in the few minutes I have while Samantha is preoccupied with Baby Bear on Sesame Street. The main reason that I wanted to throw a post up on the Boolog right now was because Carol mentioned when I spoke to her on the phone that she had been reading it. (I can only guess that she googled my name after receiving my e-mail.) Anyway, she said that she had been reading the log and laughing and I immediately thought to myself "Holy crap I haven't written anything funny in a while. Mostly I've just been bitching about Veterans Ford." So, I can only hope that she went deep enough into the Boolog to sample a taste of the comedic fucking genius that is Booray.

That's what this post is for. If it's your first visit to the Boolog and you're reading this post I beg you please... look back a few months and find some of the funny stuff. Otherwise, this blog makes me come off like a guy who does nothing but bitch and whine on his website when in fact I'm a guy who does nothing but bitch and whine on his website but is funny while he does it.



Sagnuts said...

Also, you're great in bed.

3:54 PM  

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