Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Cancer and the politics go hand in hand

I read something interesting this week regarding future Vice Presidential Candidate John Edwards and his wife with all the cancer. While it may seem like a big deal that he's continuing to run for president despite the fact that his wife has got the big "C," it's not necessarily that monumental when you put it in perspective.

Rudy Giuliani had prostate cancer while he was mayor of New York City. In fact, while he was going through his second divorce his lawyer argued that he could not have been unfaithful to his wife because the cancer had rendered him impotent for a while. (See, cancer can be good!).

John McCain has had several legions removed from his face and other body parts.

Betty Ford had breast cancer while her husband Jerry was president.

Nancy Reagan had cancer while her husband Ronald was in office.

So we actually have a long history of cancer in the White House. Besides, the only reason that John Edwards is running for president is so that he can get the vice presidential nomination once again. Let's face it, America may be ready for a female president or a black president but they are not ready for a female president and a black vice president or vice versa. Seriously, unless someone else steps into the ring, John Edwards has a lock on the vice presidential nomination.


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