Tuesday, April 24, 2007

K.I.T.T. goes to the aquarium

Bobbi and's dad was in town last weekend so we decided to take the girls down to the Tampa Aquarium. It's a nice aquarium and has a great outdoors section for the kids with water fountains and sand boxes and stuff for them to play in.

Now that we have the "new hotness" we don't have to take two cars on a trip like this anymore. My new car will now carry four adults and two children so we packed everybody in and headed to downtown. On the way there I showed off all of the cool features I had installed in the car. I have a 10 inch DVD screen for the kids, siruis satellite radio, an iPod connector, alarm, remote start and a backup camera. Basically, my car will do everything but blow you, although you can get a hand job on the weekend if you're nice.

When we were done at the aquarium and walking back to the car I pulled out my remote. Looking at the little screen I noticed that the door was open. This meant that someone had attempted to open my door or had actually opened it. Quickly, I rushed to my car and found out the driver's side door was wide open. Had someone managed to foil my sophisticated alarm system and break into my car while I was off spending quality time with the family? No, I had in fact left the driver's side door wide open when we parked the car. That's right, all the fancy new technical gizmos and gadgets in my car did not stop me from being the idiot who leaves his car door open in a parking garage in downtown Tampa. (If I had bothered to look at the remote as I walked away I would have seen that the car door was open)


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