Friday, April 13, 2007

The last word

Well, they fired Don Imus.

Let me sum up this whole affair with a few thoughts that I hope will clarify where I stand on the whole issue:

1. Try to imagine how stupid it would look if white people started protesting every time a black person used the term, "redneck." Imagine the outcry if white people said, "It's okay for us to say it and it's okay for country singers to sing it but it's not okay for black people to say it." This kind of behavior is the very definition of racism. Bottom line: Either everyone can say it or no one can say it. It's either wrong or it's not.

2. I do not believe that Don Imus was atempting to insult the girls at Rutgers. I don't think he was calling them sluts. I think that he made the mistake of being a little too comfortable on-air and forgetting that you are not allowed to speak about another race as if you are actually a member. You must maintain distance and seperation at all times. Only by doing this, will the races ever truly come together (that's sarcasm).

3. The real truth is this: Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson had Don Imus fired because white men are not allowed to say anything degrading about black women. Only black men are allowed to do that. Personally, I don't think anyone should do it.

In closing, I would like to quote Dr. Dre, from his album The Chronic (1993)
Bitches ain't shit but hoes and tricks
Lick on deez nutz and suck the dick

In 1994:
Dr. Dre topped the Billboard Year-End Charts as the Top New Pop Artist, Top Hot 100 Singles Artist - Male, Top R&B Artist (singles & albums), Top R&B Artist - Male (singles & albums), Top New R&B Artist, Top R&B Album Artist, Top R&B Album Artist - Male, and Top R&B Singles Artist - Male.

Dre won 2 American Music Awards for Favorite Rap/Hip-Hop Artist and Favorite New Rap/Hip-Hop Artist.

Dre won Source Awards for Artist of the Year (Solo), Album of the Year, and Producer of the Year.


Jen said...

A record label can protect itself by saying these rappers are "artists expressing themselves" and satisfy the activists by slapping on "explicit lyrics" stickers. CBS and NBC are responding to advertisers backing out. It's all about the dollar-- not about doing what's right. The record companies don't have adverisers to back out on them. They sell directly to the hypocritical public who buys the dredge (young males, black and white). Unfortunately, the networks are under the thumb of the advertisers who are afraid of the backlash and possible boycotts instigated by civil rights groups who probably don't buy a lot of Dr. Dre. If the advertisers were selling to the same market that the misogynist rappers do, we may have had a different outcome.

12:32 PM  
Booray said...

You are absolutly correct on that point but it is Sharpton and Jackson's threat of boycott, etc. that forces the advertisers to take a stand.

It reminds me of when Tom Joyner threatened to call for a boycott of Comp USA because they didn't advertise enough on black media (like his show). I would have loved it if Comp USA had offered this deal: We'll spend 50% of our ad budget on black media for 6 months. If, at the end of that time, 50% of our customers are not black, you refund us the difference. Stores like Comp USA get a majority of their business from white geeky males (like me) so forcing them to advertise in black media is extortion, plain and simple. Here's another option: We'll spend 50% on black media if a leading black hair care company will spend the same amount on Howard Stern.

2:03 PM  
Anonymous said...

First of all, you are correct to point out the hypocrisy of it all, but, it is absurd to think Imus WASN'T trying to insult the Rutgers players. The whole conversation was about the players being unattractive women. I don't care about the racist aspect of the 'nappy headed hoes', even though nappy headed is clearly being used as a pejorative and there for racist. I don't care about the sexist aspect of the term 'ho'. I think the mean spiritedness of the thing is what killed Imus. These arent professional celebrities who have tried to put themselves in the public eye, they're just college girls. Why would anyone go on a national radio program and make fun of a group of college girls for being ugly? It's Imus' fault for saying it and giving Sharpton & Jackson the oppurtunity to speak out, but CBS probably wouldnt give in if Imus was actually funny during the segment and wasnt being just plain mean. If he used a politically incorrect (a term I hate) expression while complementing the women for being good players he would still be employed today. If his criticism was funny he would still be employed today. To me that has always been Imus' problem too mean & too unfunny.

7:08 PM  

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