Thursday, April 19, 2007

Random Thoughts

I just finished watching Avril Lavigne perform on the David Letterman show. They say that everything comes back around eventually and now I believe it. Watching her sing I might as well have been watching Debbie Harry or Toni Basil perform in 1982. Even the clothes the band was wearing were retro.

I've started working out with Bobbi's trainer (or as I like to call him, Hitler) twice a week. Yesterday we worked mostly on upper body and as a result I cannot put my arms above my head. Thank God I can still move my arms in front of my body. It occurs to me that if exercising prevented men from moving their hands in front of their body we would have a hard time getting anyone to exercise.

Bobbi flew to Pittsburgh this morning and won't return until late tonight. She claims that it is a business trip but I think that she is secretly meeting her lover. The reason I'm not upset about it is because having to meet your lover in Pittsburgh is punishment enough.

Am I the only one who thinks that NBC News should not have aired the video of the whack job who shot up Virginia Tech? It used to be that these chess club rejects who went crazy with a pistol in order to draw attention to themselves just got to be profiled on the nightly news. Now, they practically get their own sitcom. Wouldn't it be better if we sent the message that anyone who does something horrible like this will be buried? I don't even think they should release his name.


Sagnuts said...

The grandfather of Cho Seung-Hui said yesterday: "Son of a bitch. It serves him right he died with his victims."

His sister Kim Yang-Sun, 85, who also saw it, told the Mirror that afterwards her brother was so distraught he had "gone away for a few days to calm himself down and avoid more questions".

She too repeatedly referred to the killer as "son of a bitch" or "a***hole" and said his mother Kim Hyang-Yim had problems with him from infancy.

Sounds like this kid never had a chance. And that is absolutely NO excuse for what he did. In this case "slipped through the cracks" is more than an understatement.

2:56 PM  
PizzaGi said...

Sometimes I think we did away with "Southern Justice" just a bit too soon.

8:03 PM  

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