Monday, May 28, 2007

Seriously, I'm not always pissed off...

I know that it must seem like I complain a lot especially since I just wrote a post about customer service etc.. but I just can't resist.

I just got back from Babies "R" Us with Bobbi and the girls. The front door said they were open until six o'clock. We unloaded the car at 5:45 and started to walk towards the front of the store. I noticed a guy at the front doors who looked like he was trying to get in and couldn't. So I yelled, "Are they closed?"

"They just locked the doors." He said.

So, we turned around, went back to the car and started to put the kids in... all the while complaining about the fact that they had closed 15 minutes early. About that point I looked back at the front of the store and noticed that the guy had gone inside through another set of doors. I also noticed a Babies "R" Us employee in the parking lot so I asked, "Are you guys closed?"

"We close at six o'clock," she said.

So, we unloaded the car again and headed for the front door along with two other cars full of people who had pulled into the parking lot. All of us got to the front doors at about the same time and started to go through the "out" doors. Right inside the door was a man at the register who stopped us and told us they were closed. "The sign says you close at six o'clock," I said.

"We give the last announcement at five minutes until six," he said.

"Well it's quarter to six," I said.

"That's when we lock the doors," he said.

Now, I wasn't going to blog about this. Instead, I was just going to write a quick note to Babies "R" Us to let them know that I thought it was bogus to close at 5:45 when your sign says you close at 6:00. I went to the Toys "R" Us website but couldn't find any contact information there, so then I went to the Toys "R" Us corporate website and clicked on the link that says "contact us."

It's a broken link.


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