Monday, June 11, 2007

Happy birthday, light a candle

Bobbi's birthday is next saturday but I won't be here for it. I'll be in Las Vegas. Not to worry because I planned ahead by going to Tiffanys and buying her a necklace which I hid in my bottom drawer in the bedroom. My plan was to call her from Vegas on Saturday and tell her where the present is. Or it was, because this morning Mac found it and brought it to Bobbi.

To be honest, I had been torn between how to give her the gift anyway. Part of me wanted to give it her before I left, in a quiet romantic moment. Part of me wanted to call from Vegas and let her find it as a surprise. The one option I had not considered was giving it to her shortly after returning from the gym, hot, sweaty and in the middle of taking a morning shit. Ahh, the romance.


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