Sunday, July 22, 2007

Doing my part for the righteous

Excerpt from an email from my cousin:

Since you have a way to get information out to more people at one time I was hoping you could put something out there for stupid people. I know you are busy so if you can't it is not a big deal.

I received a forwarded email from a friend the other day. This email was telling people that if they received a new $1 gold presidential coin not to accept it because it didn't have "In God We Trust" on it. This information is incorrect. I don't know if you have seen one or not but it is actually written around the edge of the coin. I know this because my father-in-law just recently retired from the army base here and there was a huge ceremony in his honor. As part of the ceremony he gave 2 of his 3 grandsons a $1 gold presidential coin and a folder to start collecting them. So, Aydan got one. (Blaine did not as he is still at the age to eat things like that.) Brendan and I have since then been studying them because we are trying to collect both editions of each coin to go in Aydan's folder. Now, it is written small but it is a coin and most writings on a coin are written very small for obvious reasons.

My Reply:

I'm not sure what you want me to get the word out about..... are you saying that people need to be told about the motto on the coin because otherwise they won't accept them? How about if I just perpetuate the rumor and ask everyone to send their demon coins to me so that they may be properly disposed of in accordance with the Church of Booray (First, I sprinkle the coins with holy water, then I do a rosary, and finally I dispose of the coins by buying Budweiser and porn.)



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