Friday, July 20, 2007


Well, it looks like after a year of searching, driving through various new home communities being built, pouring over dozens of builder's plans for new homes... we've finally decided on a house. The way it works is: You make lists and plans for everything that you want in your dream house. You insist that you'll settle for nothing less than what you want. Then, you look at a house that doesn't meet all your criteria and buy it anyway because there's just something about it that says, "I'd be happy here."

The owners accepted our bid yesterday and the contract was finalized today. So, as long as nothing happens to gum up the works (namely, the appraisal and the inspection), we should be moving into our new home in about a month. It's a beautiful home and the people who live there now seem to have really taken great care of it. The floorplan is basically the same floorplan as every single home that they build in Florida nowadays. I call it, "The Capital 'L'" plan because the house is basically shaped like a capital letter L. The master bedroom is on one side, in the middle is the living room, office and dining room and down the long side is the kitchen and all of the other bedrooms. This house also has a bonus room upstairs.
As nice as the house is, it's really the location and the lot that made us decide to buy. As far as I can tell, it is by far the nicest lot in the entire subdivision. Most homes that have a pool do not have any yard to speak of but this one has a very large side yard for the kids to play in. The view from the back of the house is wonderful, looking across water to the golf course. The only downside is that you're able to see the main road from the back porch and you can hear cars going by but to be honest we've been a little spoiled by how quiet it is where we live now. On the plus side, the community has a country club with all the amenities which is something we never really shopped for.

Last night I was looking at some pictures of the house and Samantha walked up beside my chair. The next picture that popped up was of the side yard and Samantha immediately exclaimed, "Oh, there's my swing!" I don't know what possessed her to see a picture of a swing set and immediately assume it was hers but in this case it soon will be. I think the girls are really going to love it in this house.


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