Saturday, July 28, 2007

I was thinking of you somewhere between the oral and the anal...

Bobbi and I watched "The Devil Wears Prada" last night. It was a cute little movie, nothing special. Mostly it was amusing to watch Anne Hathaway try to occupy the same screen as Stanley Tucci and Meryl Streep. It was like "Bambi vs. Godzillas."

At the end of the movie, Anne "takes a break" from her boyfriend and goes to Paris with the boss. While she's there she jumps into the sack with another guy before deciding that she wants to quit her job and go back to her old life. She comes home, makes up with her boyfriend and all is good. Naturally, the mocking began at this point when I said something about how she better hope that her boyfriend doesn't find out she slept with another man.... only I said it in a very graphic way using words that I wouldn't want my mother to read. In short, I used the "c" word that rhymes with "rock and the "s" word that rhymes with "thatch" and how she better hope he doesn't notice any remnants from some other guy's rock in her thatch and well, you get the picture.

I sometimes will blurt out something like that.... something that is a little shocking in the context of the sweet little movie we're watching. I do it to jolt people into realizing that despite the intention of the movie makers in this instance, the main character is in fact a dirty whore. It annoys me no end when people in movies "learn a lesson" only after having sexed up somebody else and then are allowed to go back to their old flame and all is peaches and cream. It doesn't bother me that they don't get into trouble, because that's life... it bothers me that I'm supposed to still like this person. Make no mistake about it, at the end of the movie we were all supposed to just love plucky little Anne Hathaway. Plucky little, "I really miss us.... not so much two nights ago when I was doing the reverse cowgirl in the Hotel De Tramp but now, sure. I miss us now."

After the movie I said to Bobbi, "Baby, you wouldn't run off to Paris and fuck some guy, would you?"
"Why would I ever go to Paris?" she asked
"Because apparently, you can fuck whoever you want while you're there and never have to suffer any consequences."
Bobbi liked that idea.


Mark said...

I can get a direct flight every Friday at 9am.

9:52 PM  

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