Sunday, July 22, 2007

Sit On It

Yesterday we spent what I'm sure will be the first of many days shopping for furniture. Bobbi and I have different views on furniture. Bobbi's mostly concerned about fabrics and colors and how comfortable it is while I tend to focus more on durability (We bought new furniture two years ago and it now looks like it's been in a frat house for the last decade). I like furniture that is sturdy. Bobbi likes big soft pillows that have to be carefully arranged every fifteen minutes. I like leather. Bobbi likes fabric that holds cat hair until it looks like a fleece sweater. (let me clarify that I like leather but only old style leather, not the leather couches with the giant arms that look like someone draped a garment bag over them.)

Now it looks like we'll be waiting until we actually move into the new house to buy furniture. This makes perfect sense because the last thing you want to do with the 30 days while you wait to close is use that time securing something to sit on. If we take the cats to the house it won't be a problem because we'll take the old furniture with us, but if Bobbi succeeds in giving them away then the old furniture stays behind because there isn't much point in dumping the cats to keep the hair out of the house if you're going to bring in the couch they've been sleeping on for the last two years. (That sentence is very long and I suspect gramatically incorrect)

Bobbi wants to wait to buy furniture so that we can use a designer (Not a fancy designer. Ethan Allen Will provide someone for free if you buy from them. Much the same way that you get free mints on your pillow if you're willing to pay twice as much for the Penthouse Suite). She is worried that we could possibly buy furniture on our own that would not fit in the family room. I'm not so concerned about this happening since the family room is larger than the actual showroom at Ethan Allen and they manage to fit all the furniture in there.

Anyway, I hope you can come visit us in the new house. Bring a chair.


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