Thursday, July 19, 2007


The problem with writing a blog is that you have to keep doing it all the time. If you stop writing for a few days it becomes a week and the week becomes a month and you haven't written for so long that you can't imagine going back to it because "Why would you start and what would you say?" (Bobbi approaches sex in the same way). So, let me try to just do a quick update on what's been happening in our lives.

I saw The Police reunion tour last week. It was a great show and I was surprised to see that they didn't use a backing band or backup singers at all, it was just the three of them onstage. My next-door neighbor Steven called me a couple of days before the concert and said he had some tickets that he couldn't use. They ended up being great seats. Sting, like Elton John, can't hit all the high notes anymore but he still looks better at 50 than I've ever looked in my entire life. It was fun seeing all the 40-something adults acting like teenagers again although I could have done without some of the 200-pound grandmothers trying to squeeze into their old tube tops.

A friend of mine has this great house. I've always told them if he ever decided to move that I want to buy his house. Well, he's moving so Bobbi and I put in a bid. He said "no" to the offer because he thinks he can get a little bit more money, also, he really doesn't have to move right away and he's not in dire straits. It's a shame we won't be getting the house because we really do like the location but it's funny how things work out because we put a bid in on another house just yesterday. We had resigned ourselves to not moving for a while when this chance to buy our friends house came up. When that fell through, I started looking online at houses just for fun. The way I see it, you're never going to find the perfect house with a great deal unless you're looking. The fact is, we've never gone to see a pre-existing house in all the time that we've been looking at homes because we've always felt that we wanted to build our own so we could get exactly what we wanted. Then I saw this house online that seem to really have a lot going for it that we wanted: a big yard, a great view, lots of square feet. The next day we went and looked at it and that night signed a bid. It'll be funny if we get this house because we spent so long looking and pouring over plans and trying to figure out where we would live and how much we could afford...... and then we end up buying a house in less than 24 hours.

A couple of weekends ago we took Sam to Seaworld. They have a special breakfast with Elmo and friends going on right now and we thought Sam would really enjoy it. She took a while to warm up to the characters but eventually we couldn't drag her out (although Cookie Monster did scare the shit out of her. He's dead to her now). Seaworld has really become nice over the years. We were there for seven hours and I don't think we did half of the stuff that is available to do. We managed to see Shamu and the dolphin show and Sam had a good time playing in the big play area. I'll say this about the shows at Seaworld: they've really become quite theatrical. I guess some people like being inspired when they go to see a dolphin show or hearing a story when they go to see a whale show but personally I would just prefer it if the trainers would just come out and talk about the animals and put them through their routines. I kept thinking, it has to be a little frustrating for these trainers. It's not enough to have a degree in marine biology, you also have to be able to do jazz hands and balance on top of a killer whale while wearing a green sequined wetsuit. (note to park: never make a visitor walk more than 10 steps to use a trash can. Just a pet peeve)


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