Wednesday, January 16, 2008

If you forward this post to everyone in your address book, Microsoft will send you $100...

I recently received an e-mail from my sister about Barak Obama. It was one of those chain e-mails that one person sends to another person who then sends it to another person without bothering to check the facts in any way shape or form. What made this e-mail so hilariously funny was that there was a link in the e-mail to a website called snopes is The link said, "everything in his e-mail is true check it out on" What's so hilarious about that, is that if you actually clicked on the link and went to, you would find a copy of the e-mail in its entirety along with a detailed description of how everything in the e-mail was false. went on to explain that they felt the reason that the link had been put into the e-mail in the first place was because the writers of the e-mail felt that people wouldn't bother to actually click the link but would just assume that the e-mail was true because the link existed. That's genius.

Now to the important part. Don't send me e-mails like this. If I were to come up to you and hand you a stack of flyers and ask you to go down to the mall parking lot and hand them out to everybody that you meet I would hope that you would at least read the flyer first and perhaps question it's contents before blindly distributing the information to everyone that you could find. However, if I send you the same information in an e-mail, a lot of people have no problem whatsoever with forwarding that e-mail to everyone in their address book. This is amazing to me. I don't understand why people don't take better care to police the information that they send out to other people with their name on it. My sister is not racist, bigoted, or a right-wing operative. However, anyone who she sends an e-mail to is liable to fit her into one if not all three of the above categories.

So, let me make this clear. There is nothing that anyone can send you an e-mail that has not already been vetted by the media. Do you really think that there is an entire list of secrets about some political candidate that only exists in a world of e-mail? There are people in the world of politics who will say and do anything to discredit the competition. Witness the swift boat ads during the 2004 campaign. Better yet, take a look at the flyers that were distributed during the 2000 primary in South Carolina when John McCain was running against George Bush. They claimed that John McCain had fathered a "Negro" child out of wedlock and they proved it by showing a picture of McCain with the child. The child in question was a little girl that Mrs. McCain had discovered while on a relief mission and the McCains has subsequently adopted. It takes a particular brand of evil to turn adoption of a poor orphan into a racist smear. But they do it. They do it every day.

By the way, John McCain is the only Republican candidate that I can actually vote for. During the 2004 election they asked McCain about John Kerry and McCain said something like, "John Kerry is a fine man and he would make a good president. However, I'm not going to vote for him. I'm going to vote for George Bush." The fact that John McCain felt that it was possible to not vote for someone without trash talking them shows a level of integrity in his character that you don't see in many politicians. I will admit though, when he was recently asked in reference to Hillary Clinton, "How do we beat the bitch" I was disappointed that he did not dress down the questioner for using such language about a member of the Senate. If there is anyone in politics who I would've expected to put a halt to that sort of language it's John McCain. It's a shame that he didn't.


Blogger Mark said...

I heard that John Edwards fathered a poodle.

8:11 PM  

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