Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Just an update

My wife has been giving me a hard time lately because I haven't written anything in the blog for quite a while. It's been tough to write in the last few months because so much has been happening and there are just some things that you cannot write on the Internet. When the housing market crashed it affected our business quite a bit and so naturally that was all we talked about. Unfortunately, when you own a business you can just talk about it openly on the Internet because you have employees and clients etc.. I will say that we have weathered the storm and business is fine but there are a lot of companies out there who aren't as fortunate.

Christmas was quite a trip in the Perry household. Since we bought a new house and we have a lot more room, Bobbi decided to invite every person she's ever known to come spend the holidays with us. We had somewhere in the neighborhood of 17 people sleeping in our house on Christmas Eve. Our living room looked like a "toys for tots" collection center. With all of the people that we had in the house over the holidays I took advantage of the opportunity to get the hell out as much as possible. I played golf for three days in a row leading up to Christmas Eve. After it was all over, Bobbi told me that she thought I had done a really good job of not killing anyone while everyone was staying at our house. Well, it's easy not to kill somebody when you're out on the golf course everyday.

On New Year's Eve we decided to have our very first party. We had already had several impromptu parties over the holidays. It seems like every night five or six people would come by to visit in addition to the 220 people who were staying at the house. On New Year's, however, we had an actual real party. I'm pleased that it went pretty well. We had friends, family, and new friends from the neighborhood and no fistfights. We decided to have a pajama party and make it family friendly so everyone in the house, including the kids, was wearing pajamas.

Okay, that's enough of an update for now.


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