Wednesday, February 27, 2008

It's not me, it's you

Have I mentioned that Bobbi never puts anything back where it belongs? About a dozen times? Okay, as long as we're clear. This morning was a perfect example of how Bobbi, who is perfectly aware that she has a problem, likes to try and put it back on me whenever possible.... make it seem like I'm just nagging her about it when she's really fine.

I came into the bathroom and she was using my spray-on deodorant on her feet. That sounds weird but that's why I have the spray-on deodorant in the first place. You spray it on your feet and they don't sweat as bad. Anyway, she finishes spraying it on and puts the can back on the counter. I immediately reach over and pick up the can, open the medicine cabinet and place it inside where I keep it.
"That's where it was," she says defensively.
"Well I didn't put it there, " I say.
"Well, that's where it was," she repeats.
"Did you use it yesterday?" I ask.
Long pause........


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