Friday, March 21, 2008

Tampa wedding photographer

I'm continuing my quest to be the best wedding photographer in Tampa Bay. Being a Tampa wedding photographer takes a lot of practice and equipment but I'm on my way.

I got my reflector and stand in the mail today and immediately took them upstairs so I could try a few test shots. Right away it became obvious that I wasn't setting up my lights correctly because I wasn't getting near as much bounce as I thought I should be. Bobbi and the girls came upstairs and started playing around and then my sister arrived and joined them. Since there was too much activity for me to fine-tune my new reflector I just concentrated on trying to light the four girls as they sat on the floor. I used a shoot-through umbrella mounted very high as a hair light (I really need soft-boxes) to my right and a white umbrella as the main to my left. I wasn't very happy with the result when I put it on the refrigerator but then tonight when Bobbi and I came home I looked at it it again and it didn't look so bad after all. It was especially hard to light them because they were sitting on the floor and so I couldn't place a low light to fill any shadows that were produced by the overhead hair light. I can see now that shooting on the floor may prove to be a real challenge. I can also see that it would be really great if I could just mount a permanent hair light to the ceiling.


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