Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Random notes

I was at Target today getting my prescription filled when I asked the pharmacist about aspirin. I'm pretty sure that a guy my age is supposed to take aspirin every day because it does wonders for my heart. I asked the pharmacist about this and she said that she couldn't give me any recommendation. That's right, the pharmacist can't recommend aspirin.

The backdrops that I ordered have finally arrived. I ordered three different backgrounds and two of them are reversible so it's the equivalent of five. I also ordered another light and another stand and another umbrella which should arrive next week. I felt pretty bad about spending the money and so I went into Quicken and pulled up a report of how much money we've spent on studio photography since the girls were born. I would have to double the amount of money I've spent so far to equal the amount of money that we've spent on other photographers. Suddenly, I don't feel so bad.

I went ahead and moved all of my studio equipment upstairs to the theater room. While I hate having to rearrange the theater room in order to make room for my studio it just isn't practical to keep it downstairs. We have plenty of room for it downstairs right now (since we don't have any furniture in the front of the house) but because of all the light that comes in it's very hard to frame up and shoot a good picture during the daytime. Since the theater room is already blacked out it just seems the logical place to set up the studio.

I still need my backlight to get good separation between my subject and the background but as you can see from the photo at least I finally have a decent background to shoot against. I had to make do with Elmo as my subject for a few test shots. While it may be true that Elmo is not necessarily a good model, at least I can no longer say that I haven't done any nude photography. For the attached photo I just blasted Elmo and shot the picture so that I could see what the background would look like.


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