Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Billy Bass

We live on a pond. It's a pretty good-sized pond (wraps around two sides of the house). It's not so big that you would put a boat on it but it would probably take you 30 minutes to walk around it. It's a golf-course pond but rumor has it that there are bass to be caught in it.

Last weekend, I went to Wal-Mart and picked up some fishing gear. Nothing fancy, just a small box and some worms and a few baits. I'm a bass fisherman, always have been. I don't like to use live bait. I much prefer casting for hours and getting absolutly no strikes. My dad, a master at the art of not catching fish, taught me his craft at a young age.

I've gone out to the pond a few times this week and tossed a few to no avail. Sam likes to go with me and I let her reel in the lures. I don't get to do much actual fishing when Sam is with me.

Today I decided to go out after the kids had gone to bed and see if sunset would draw any fish out to feed. I tried a white spinner bait and on my second cast hooked the biggest bass I have ever caught. Now, considering that I only caught two bass in all my years living in the Sportsman's Paradise it doesn't take a very big bass to be the biggest ever. Still, it had to run five pounds or more and was longer than my forearm. I managed to get it on camera video.



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