Tuesday, April 15, 2008

How to get wrinkles out of muslin background

If you're wondering why the title of this post is so technical, it's so that people who type that phrase into Google might have an easier time finding this. Any other photographers out there facing my problem will appreciate this solution.
I bought a $30 steamer from Target this weekend and used it on one of my backgrounds and what a difference! As you can see in these before and after shots, it's sooo much better. (BTW, I'm aware that the shot of Sam is not a good one but such is the case when your model is 4 years old. She refuses to ever stand still long enough to get a good shot. My respect for children's photographers is limitless.)
I feel that everything is really starting to come together with the studio now. I have spent more money than I ever intended but I now finally have all the tools I need to take excellent portraits. I started out just wanting to take decent portraits but soon discovered that it's very frustrating to know you can do better if you just get the right equipment. In a later post I may detail all that I bought and why so that others thinking of doing a home studio will have some pointers. I know that I read every blog post on the subject that I could find.


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