Wednesday, April 30, 2008

An open letter to Bob Costas

Let me preface my remarks by saying that I think Bob Costas is the most intelligent announcer in sports or any other forum. He is, in my opinion, the very best there is when it comes to insight and perspective. he doesn't like fantasy football and resents the way that sports shows have started catering to the fantasy football crowd but everyone has their faults. That being said I would like to talk directly to him with an urgent appeal:

Stop dyeing your hair, Bob.

Listen, I know that there is pressure to remain young and youthful when you're on TV (and you're baby-faced to begin with) but you're not fooling anyone with that orange/rust color hair you were sporting last night on Costas Now. We made fun of Elvis when he did it, we still make fun of Jerry Lewis' pitch black head. Just don't do it. Or, if you're gonna do it, dye it blond so that it's obvious that you know you're not fooling anyone. The way it is now I'm afraid that you suddenly think that the viewers aren't quick enough to pick up on the fact that your hair has never been orange in the 30 years we've known you.

My hair is turning gray at an alarming rate but that's okay because I'm getting older. Let it go Bob. It's beneath you.


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