Monday, April 28, 2008

Shopping from A-XXL

Yesterday we went to Target, as we do every day and twice on weekends, and I bought some t-shirts and shorts. Why is this significant? Well, I'll tell you in a minute but first I want to point out that I bought three shirts, all XL and when I checked them at home they were three different sizes. As near as I can tell they are LG, XL, and XXL. Seriously, how bad is your quality control that only one shirt in three is the actual size printed on the label.

Anyway, the reason I'm telling you this is that I bought XL t-shirts for the first time in over a year (probably 2 or 3 actually). It's a great moment when you come down from the XXL mountain. let me tell you. First of all, you don't want to be extra, extra anything in life. Just one extra is fine. That's what extra is... more than enough. If you need more than more than enough you're already sliding into a dangerous territory. Plus, they charge you more for extra, extra. A $7.99 t-shirt is the same price be it small, medium, large or extra-large but go up to the extra, extra large and it's $9.99. That's a 25% markup for one size difference. It's like they have quite simply reached the breaking point on pricing. We can't go on! We simply must charge more money for your tent-sized outerwear you fat hump! As bad as it is that they charge the fat people more, it's worse for the small people because by that logic the small t-shirt should be $1.99. You're getting screwed, smalls. Fight the power! Raise up your little hobbit-sized appendages and unite for fair pricing you poor, poor deformed people.

I also bought some shorts, size 40. I was wearing 44's at one point and then my 42's starting falling off me so I've made the move. I actually threw out all my older shorts. I'm not looking back baby!


Blogger Marijayde said...

Woot! Grats on the downsizing :>

LOL at the little people needing to stand up for themselves...Hell, that would be so much more motivation to loose the weight don't ya think?

9:59 AM  

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