Sunday, April 20, 2008

Veterans Ford Tampa part 3

I received comment on my last post today from the service manager at Veterans Ford:

It looks like the bass population is very healthy in your lake. All I can manage to catch for my 2 girls is a boatload of catfish.

I have a favor/request to ask: I am the Service Manager at Veterans Ford, and I came across a link which you posted back in March 2007(found during a Google search) about a poor sales experience. Since that time, we have gone through a bit if management/staff transition. I believe we have come a long way since then, but every day reveals more and more room for improvement. I'm asking if you would consider removing that link. If you don't I understand. I wanted to ask though.Happy fishing.If you need anything that I can assist with on the Service side, please contact me.


Here's a link to the post I made about my experience at the dealership. In fact, it was the second post and the first one was even more detailed but didn't contain the name of the dealership. I don't think he saw that one.

I don't feel right about removing the story because I just don't do that sort of thing unless my wife is threatening to withhold sex, in which case it's delete-city. However, I will say that the comment was first-rate and definitely impressed me. So, what I will do is go back to my previous post about Veterans Ford and insert a link to this post so that anyone who reads it can see that things may be quite a bit better at the dealership. If Brian is as courteous and concerned with his customers as he seemed to be in the comment he left then he is just the sort of person you want to deal with.

I thought about calling and discussing this with Brian but decided against it because despite the fact that I eventually bought my truck from another dealership, I have used Veterans Ford for my scheduled maintenance because they are very close to my wife's office. Unfortunately, when I took it in the first time I mentioned that the airbag light was on. When I picked it up the light was off and the order said that they had cleared the "DTC" (whatever that is) and the problem didn't recur. A week later it came back on again. The next time I took it in (Sept. 07') I mentioned the light was on again. When I picked it up, the light was off and the work order said it had been an open circuit that was repaired. Anyone want to take a guess about the status of the light now? If you said, "on" you're our winner! However, I don't hold the dealership responsible for this, I mean, you fix it, the light goes out, what more can you do? It's just annoying that the damn thing is on all the time because you are always afraid that maybe there is a real problem with the airbag.

The bottom line is that I would give Veterans Ford another try if I were looking to buy a new car thanks to Brian the Service Manager going the extra mile to write that comment. That, to me, shows pride in your reputation that usually means good customer service. Of course, Brian is in the service department and my problems with Veterans Ford were all in sales. I think if I were going to buy a car I would contact Brian and ask him to hand me off to a sales person who showed his level of proffesionalism.


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