Thursday, April 03, 2008

What a difference $20 makes...

I got two packages from the postman today. The first was my new light meter. It's much easier to set up my shots now because the meter will tell me exactly what f-stop to set my camera at. Also, it's easier to set up the key/fill ratio when you can meter each one separately. I hesitated on the purchase because a good one costs almost $200 and the really good ones are over $300 (I got a "good" one...).

The other package was a white balance card. It only cost $20 but boy, what a difference. Now that I have these two tools, I know that my shots will be at the right exposure and the right color balance. This is huge because otherwise you have to spend 20 minutes on each picture adjusting these things and you are never really sure that they're right. The picture at left has no color, brightness or saturation adjustments by me at all. It's the first picture I have taken since I started that came out of the camera exactly right. I can't tell you how many pictures I have adjusted the color on only to re-adjust a day later and again the day after that. It's much better if I keep my hands out of changes that affect the entire color scheme of the photo. If you scroll down and look at the other shots I have posted lately you'll see the difference. Looking at the last picture of Bobbi I can see now that there is too much red. If I took that picture now I wouldn't have that problem. I really think that everything is starting to come together now and I'm ready to start doing some shooting. Now I just need models....

I also ordered a new printer yesterday because my old one is about dead. Of course I had to order an Epson photo printer. Remember when I mentioned that i was going to send some test photo's off to different processors and see what came back? Well, what came back was four sets of photo's with no two color balanced the same. Screw that, I'll spend the extra money on a good printer and do it myself.

Note: There were a few cosmetic things I did but only because Bobbi was tired and wearing no makeup. I don't have any qualms about doing a little retouching on a photo because in the days before Photoshop you would have a makeup artist on the set. Also, you don't get your wife to model for you much if you don't make sure she comes out looking good. Not that she needs my help to look good. Now I'm digging a hole....


Blogger Marijayde said...

OMG this picture is beautiful! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!

11:29 PM  
Blogger Booray said...

If you think that it looks good now, you should see what it looks like after I apply the "Playboy makeover." I can make your skin look like a Revlon ad...

10:48 AM  

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