Thursday, May 01, 2008

Trust me, you don't want to know what a "dirty sanchez" is..

I'm so sick of this story. What a joke. Can we first all agree that this is not a "topless" photo?

This is, in fact, a "backless' photo. I've been squinting at the damn thing for days now (as it has appeared on every website on the planet) and yet I still can't see a nipple, or ass-crack, or reverse cowgirl, or dirty sanchez... no matter how long I look at it. In fact, I don't even find it sexy. What makes it a good picture (as is to be expected from Annie Leibowitz) is that it doesn't immediately make clear it's intent. Is she sexy? Is she innocent? I see a little classical art vibe as well, like a women in a Rembrandt painting or some renaissance fresco depicting a biblical scene (Annie purposely invokes this by de-saturating the image). Sometimes I just see a young girl who just woke up, rumpled and matted with bad breath. I'll tell you what I don't see though, I don't see a sex object. This picture doesn't turn me on.

Now, this picture. Hmm, if she wasn't underage... strapless, short skirt..

....hey, is she showing her back? If she would just move her arm we might see a little side-boob...

The whole thing is a joke. Having your picture taken by Annie Leibowitz for Vanity Fair is an honor. The people who handle Miley and have sunk to their base instincts when judging this photograph should be ashamed of themselves.


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